What are Macros?

You’ve probably heard the term “macro” before. There are many fad diets out there and then there is the option of counting macros. There is more to counting macros than just calories. Macros are the proteins, carbs, and fats that make up your calories. The other stuff is called “micronutrients.” These are the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

1 gram of protein is 4 calories. 1 gram of carbs is 4 calories. 1 gram of fats is 9 calories. Counting macros can help you make smart food choices and be able to fit in other foods you enjoy as well. This is also a good way to get  handle on portion control. Learning your caloric goal is the first step if you want to start following a macro diet or lifestyle. Next would be to get a food scale. Counting macros are a good way to hold yourself accountable to what you consume daily.

There are several macro lifestyle website and apps out there to help you. See our list below.





My Macros+

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