The Ugly Truth About Accountability

Holding yourself accountable isn’t always ideal or fun. There will be days that you would rather not go to the gym or choose your favorite dessert over eating chicken and vegetables. These moments are when you must dig down deep and remind yourself of your goals.

Accountability is exactly that, holding yourself accountable during the times you lack motivation to make the choices you know to be the correct ones. Especially with the holidays around the corner like halloween when the candy is flowing freely and excessively in most homes. Having an accountability partner at this exact time could do wonders for you.

So when we talk about the ugly truth, it is the reflection of “accountability” itself. This is when having goals set and action plans in place are the most important. Constant reminders of these things may also be necessary to keep you on track. Having an accountability partner to talk/text during these struggles can also help get you through such times. Remember to look at the bigger picture and not just right now.

So basically, eat the fun size snickers, find an accountability partner, and add in a little extra cardio this month ( ;

-Accountability Addict

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