5 Inspirational Accountability Quotes that Make You Think

Most of us read quotes whether they are motivational or not. You can find them on pinterest or simply just the internet. People save them to their phones and post them to their Facebook, instagram pages, or they just live in your phone until the next time you scroll through your photos.

For some they can have an affect on us like music does and others it can be a little more than that. It can be a helpful constant daily reminder. Some of our favorites are listed below.

-At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves – our success is a result of what we do. -Catherine Pulsifer

-Accountability breeds response-ability -Stephen R. Covely

-Two primary choices in life: Accept conditions as they exist – Accept the responsibility for changing them. -Denis Waitley

-If a person is not faithful to his/her individuality, he/she cannot be loyal to anything. -Claude Mckay

-It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable. -Moliere

-Accountability Addict


3 Ways You Know Accountability is Working For You

3 Ways You Know Accountability is Working For You

Whether you are just starting out and you have set small goals or you have been on your fitness journey for quite some time with much bigger goals accountability will be your best friend to reach success. Once you’ve learned how to hold yourself accountable you will begin to see things change in your life. It may be slowly, but they will.

You begin to have a routine as to specific things you do at specific times. Most people find this to be much easier and relaxing than to have a new unplanned routine. However, this is not for everyone as we all have different personalities and some thrive in chaos more than others. This however does not mean that your accountability is off track, just that it should be measured in other ways. (Like not eating a whole package of Oreo’s at 1 sitting ( ; )

You are accomplishing more of your scheduled tasks which in turn can leave extra time for spending with your family or on other tasks that you couldn’t get to before you found the power of accountability.

Completely fitness related – If you are seeing definition or those abs that are carved in the kitchen and built in the gym, you know that the accountability steps you are putting in place are doing wonders for you clearly.

1 Simple Tool to Hold Yourself Accountable

1 Simple Tool to Hold Yourself Accountable

A piece of paper, it may sound crazy that this is all it takes, but something so simple can make such an impact in your life. Pair this with consistency and you are winning. You can create an accountability chart that may appear more as a list. Think about the chart as a T chart with 2 columns. The left column being broken down into each hour of the day that you normally work and the right being what task you have completed for that hour (see example below.)

Now that you know how to create the chart you should do this for the first time and if there are any areas in which you may have wasted time doing something unproductive mark this area. Now ask yourself the following: Why did you waste that time? What could you have been doing to be more productive? Would this have changed your week for the better or did you need the break?

After completing this exercise for a few weeks, you should have a pretty good idea of when you are the least productive, observe your excuses, and determine if the time was truly needed or it was just that, an excuse. This can help you be more self-aware and see where you can make positive changes.

On the opposite hand, you could use this approach and be proactive with your daily responsibilities by completing your accountability chart at the beginning of your work week. Create a chart for each day of the week blocking out each hour and what you are planning to do for that hour. You can then use this as a guide to keep you on track for the week and add tasks as needed.

-Accountability Addict

3 Tips to Staying Accountable to Health and Fitness Goals With a Busy Schedule

1.Have a Plan & Resources

Having a plan is one of the most important tools in being accountable. Having a plan should include a plan for your diet, workouts, goals, and how you will keep track of all There are many nutrition, food, and workout trackers out there in the form of apps like myfitnesspal or macro tracker. Pen to paper options like printable/downloadable food and fitness journals you can buy online from etsy to ebay, and even some fitness professionals, like Kaelin Tuell Poulin, have created their own for purchase. Several of these resources also offer a section to write down your progress and goals.

2.Self Discipline & Writing it Down

How to stick to the goals you set for your nutrition and workouts are key. Of course this starts with having a plan and resources, but also having self discipline for when you can’t fit that cinnamon roll or late night snack into your nutrition plan is most important. You can always say you will start tomorrow, but that will get old, time will pass, and you will be in the same place a year from now. The same goes with your workouts. Whether you write your workouts or a coach does this for you remember why you are doing it. Find your why and constantly remind yourself of this whether it be on your phone, computer, sticky notes make it a constant in your life. You are more likely to be self disciplined once you find your why AND write it down. This will also allow you to go back and review it later.

3.Motivation vs Commitment

Understanding the difference between motivation and commitment is key in accountability and reaching your goals. You always hear everyone wanting to know where you find motivation and how you keep that flame burning. As there isn’t a magic pill to become skinny, there isn’t a magic pill for motivation. This is where finding your why comes into play again. It can help keep you motivated, but no one is motivated 100% of the time. Once you find your why, whether its for your children, yourself, or your spouse/significant other turn it into a commitment. You already know getting started and staying motivated are the hardest things. A commitment is something you obligate yourself to do moving forward no matter how difficult it may seem at the time. You will thank yourself later.

-Accountability Addict