Training and Proper Nutrition Fails No One

You hear and see the slogan “Just do it” so often. Is it because it belongs to Nike or just because you are replaying it in your head over and over while you’re sitting in the car outside the gym? We all procrastinate at something at one point or another in our lives. This slogan should apply to your training and nutrition routine on the days you want to procrastinate. If you just do it, results will come. If YOU show up AND put in the work, results will come. Training and proper nutrition truly fails no one.

Fit teas, tummy wraps, and miracle pills are all over social media. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Some might say surgery, but even that is not a guaranteed quick fix.It’s all very simple, you put in the work and you get the results. Yes, it takes time and patience, but training and proper nutrition fails no one.

-Accountability Addict

Meal Prep Services=No Excuses

Meal prep services are becoming even more common in today’s world as we all seek more convenience in our daily lives. There are several different options when it comes to these services being offered in different cities.

Some services offer all packaged ingredients raw and delivered for you to cook while others show up fully cooked and you pop them in the oven or microwave. You have those that are offered as family size meals and those that are pre packaged individual meals. As we look at cost you should remember we are paying for fresh ingredients and convenience..

Hello Fresh-You pick from about 15 different meals and get a box weekly shipped to you with fresh ingredients to cook. Servings start out at $6.99. (From our experience single servings can be quite small.) They offer a discount code on your first order.

HomeChef– They offer about 16 different meals to choose from. You also get a box weekly shipped to you with all meal ingredients to cook, but their servings start out at about $7.99. They too also offer a voucher code for a discount on your first order.

Refuel (DFW Local)– They offer about 33 different lunch, dinner, and snack options starting at $9.50 for standard portions also offering bigger portions. 9 different breakfast options are offered all at $6.50. All options are fully cooked and you heat them up in the microwave from 1-3 minutes. *All meals have macro information on them.

They are a little different in the sense that you order online or in store and pickup in store at one of their 6 pickup locations, only available in Dallas/Fort Worth area. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks on their menu. They also sometimes run specials as well.

Icon Meals– They offer 18 lunch and dinner meals starting at $7.00 and only 3 breakfast options starting at $7.00. They do also offer various snacks, meals family style, and A’Lacarte sides. Gluten free menu also available. All options are fully cooked and you heat them up in the microwave from 1-3 minutes. *All meals have macro information on them.

You can order online and they ship them to you in the US only or you can pick them up locally in the DFW area.

Bite Meals- They offer 32 lunch, dinner, and dessert options. They also offer 4 breakfast options. Their pricing is based on your number of meals per week. If you choose their most expensive plan at 16 meals per week it is $8.75 per meal or $140 per week. Their least expensive is 4 meals per week at $12 per meal or $48 per week. They have 2 other options in between as well. *All meals have macro information on them.

With Bite Meals you order online and your meals are shipped to you anywhere. A downfall to some may be that the plan you choose is ongoing until you cancel. All options are fully cooked to be reheated as well.

New Vision Meals – They offer 40 lunch, dinner, and snack options starting at $8.95. They also offer 8 breakfast options starting at $7.95. These meals are fully cooked, frozen, and need to stay frozen until you microwave them. *All meals have macro information on them.

You order your meals online and they are shipped to you frozen in insulated coolers so they stay cold.

Dallas Prep Kitchen (DFW Local)- They offer all of your proteins (10), carbs (6), and vegetables (5) in bulk. They all come in 24oz containers. Most men can get 3-4 meals from 1 container and women 4-6 meals. Proteins start at $20, carbs at $8.00, and vegetables at $9.00. *All containers have macro information on them per serving.

You order your meals online and pickup at 1 of their 20 locations in the DFW area.

Comment below and let us know if you have any questions or refer to each of their websites listed above!

-Accountability Addict

3 Ways to Revamp Your Accountability

Burn out can be so real along your fitness journey. This is something that everyone experiences at some time or another. Whether you are doing the same workouts or eating the same proteins, veggies, and carbs it’s always good to change things up now and again. This is not only for your sanity, but for your progress as well.

  1. As you do your normal workouts for so long your body will get use to them and will stop responding. To keep it interesting and for you to continue to see results change is good. Changing your routine is a good way to get excited about your workouts again. If you are a weights and cardio person change it up by adding movements in between sets. If you generally do strength training using bodyweight only add in some weights or circuit training.
  1. Changing up your food or incorporating new foods into your daily diet will keep your food choices exciting and you are less likely to get bored with your nutrition. Resources like pinterest, youtube, etc offer great healthy recipes from fitness influencers and regular recipe websites. Putting a healthy spin on your favorite dishes is also a great option.
  1. Making a change as easy as how you track your food and water intake along with workouts can help you stay on track and freshen things up. There are several apps and printable food trackers that are available. Etsy offers several great printable options for trackers.

-Accountability Addict


5 Fitness Influencers to Help You Stay Motivated (Ok Technically 6)

Let’s face it, we all look for motivation from time to time. Whether its from inside, past goals reached, or social media motivation and commitment is a must to keep pushing yourself. We are not motivated 100% of the time, always. There are several “fitness influencers” on social media that offer FREE information on nutrition and workouts. Below you can find our top 5 list with their IG (also entrepreneur’s) handles for you to check out!

  1. Heidi Somers AKA “BuffBunny” on instagram (Owns her own apparel line)
  2. Christian Guzman – Christianguzmanfitness on instagram (Alphalete gym and apparel owner)
  3. Jen Heward AKA “hunnybunsfit” on instagram
  4. Lauren Drain Kagan – laurendrainfit on instagram (Nurse and Best selling Author)
  5. *Married Power Couple* Heidi and Chris Powell – realheidipowell & realchrispowell on instagram

-Accountability Addict