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Accountability on your fitness journey is not only about sticking to your workouts, but also to your eating plan whether this is a customized meal plan like macros or simply portion control. Accountability plays a big part in this no matter what your goals are. This is because your food intake plays an even bigger role in your goals than just going to the gym.

You can’t outwork a bad diet. For some gaining weight can be a challenge. For others its losing weight, gaining muscle, or simply trying to maintain their weight loss. No matter the challenge holding yourself accountable to your plan and eating in a deficit or simply eating enough macro nutrient foods can be the bigger challenge for most individuals. This can be due to your regular daily routine. Remember, in order to see change you must make a change. If you have to change up your social life, make dinner for your family a little differently, or meal prep ahead of time make the time – Make the change. Do this, mainly for yourself, but also for those you love.

Take a few extra minutes during the week and hold yourself accountable by writing your food down and meal prepping if this is what it takes to stay on track with your food. Make the change for you.

-Accountability Addict


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