Hand in Hand: Accountability and Consistency & Your Mentality

Accountability and consistency go hand in hand when reaching your goals. Holding yourself accountable to being consistent with your food and nutrition will help you reach your goals much quicker with less setbacks. Especially when holidays come up which generally consist of taking up extra time from traveling, cooking, and lots of extra food around.

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or our upcoming holiday Halloween that entices us with more candy than we see on a daily basis.  Full size or snack size candy bars will always be tempting you around this holiday, but remember you also have to have balance depending on your goals. The same goes for the handfuls of candy corns you don’t think about until later if at all.

Holding yourself accountable and staying consistent can be accomplished by planning your meals, fitting in your workouts (even if they are much shorter than normal,) and being mentally strong to get through each of these tasks when the going gets tough and you want to give up. Over half the battle is mental.

-Accountability Addict

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