1 Simple Tool to Hold Yourself Accountable

1 Simple Tool to Hold Yourself Accountable

A piece of paper, it may sound crazy that this is all it takes, but something so simple can make such an impact in your life. Pair this with consistency and you are winning. You can create an accountability chart that may appear more as a list. Think about the chart as a T chart with 2 columns. The left column being broken down into each hour of the day that you normally work and the right being what task you have completed for that hour (see example below.)

Now that you know how to create the chart you should do this for the first time and if there are any areas in which you may have wasted time doing something unproductive mark this area. Now ask yourself the following: Why did you waste that time? What could you have been doing to be more productive? Would this have changed your week for the better or did you need the break?

After completing this exercise for a few weeks, you should have a pretty good idea of when you are the least productive, observe your excuses, and determine if the time was truly needed or it was just that, an excuse. This can help you be more self-aware and see where you can make positive changes.

On the opposite hand, you could use this approach and be proactive with your daily responsibilities by completing your accountability chart at the beginning of your work week. Create a chart for each day of the week blocking out each hour and what you are planning to do for that hour. You can then use this as a guide to keep you on track for the week and add tasks as needed.

-Accountability Addict