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Hand in Hand: Accountability and Consistency & Your Mentality

Accountability and consistency go hand in hand when reaching your goals. Holding yourself accountable to being consistent with your food and nutrition will help you reach your goals much quicker with less setbacks. Especially when holidays come up which generally consist of taking up extra time from traveling, cooking, and lots of extra food around. […]

3 Ways to Revamp Your Accountability

Burn out can be so real along your fitness journey. This is something that everyone experiences at some time or another. Whether you are doing the same workouts or eating the same proteins, veggies, and carbs it’s always good to change things up now and again. This is not only for your sanity, but for […]

The Ugly Truth About Accountability

Holding yourself accountable isn’t always ideal or fun. There will be days that you would rather not go to the gym or choose your favorite dessert over eating chicken and vegetables. These moments are when you must dig down deep and remind yourself of your goals. Accountability is exactly that, holding yourself accountable during the […]

Oreos-Chicken-Donuts:Nutrition Accountability

Accountability on your fitness journey is not only about sticking to your workouts, but also to your eating plan whether this is a customized meal plan like macros or simply portion control. Accountability plays a big part in this no matter what your goals are. This is because your food intake plays an even bigger […]