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Follow Through & Follow Up

Accountability is not achieved if you do not do these 2 things; follow through and follow up. Some people may say this only pertains to business, but this is not the case. Following through on the action plan you set to reach your goals is very important. Don’t have one of these? You should. If […]

Nutritional Discipline – What is it?

We talk about accountability and being consistent being priority, but have you ever heard of nutritional discipline? Are you currently following a “diet lifestyle,” versus simply fad dieting? In order to be successful at the goals you set its important to chose an eating “lifestyle” versus “fad diets” or “yoyo dieting.” You just might be […]

Accept a Challenge

Are you looking for a way to hold yourself accountable? Have you thought about signing up for a challenge online or even in person at a gym or with a group? Whether it is a challenge to eat healthier, workout more, lose weight, or  just overall live a healthier lifestyle. There are several challenges you […]

Accountability Without All The Crap

Can you be accountable to yourself without all the fancy things? Yes. Without the fit bits, Apple watches, heart monitors, fitness journals, recovery bands, xyzzy trackers, fancy drinks, BCAA’s, ab belts, and the 1000 other gadgets the answer is still yes. Most people that start their fitness/accountability journey end up buying all the fancy things, […]